Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 10 Dota Best Killer

My Top 10  Best Dota Killer

1. Invoker(Kael)
      The Invoker is the most well-rounded spellcasting hero, due to his massive array of spells. Using his three elemental reagents and his Invoke skill, the Invoker can utilize a total of 10 different spells. Due to his complexity and fragility, the Invoker is a bad choice for newer players. With some experience, however, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. The Invoker is capable of massive area of effect damage, powerful disabling spells, very strong summons, and potent enchantments. While other spellcasters tend to be focused in one area, the Invoker has the ability to change his role at will. His spells tend to start out weaker than comparable abilities, but since his reagents have 7 levels each his potential spell power is very high. Although mastering his spells takes perhaps the most practice of any hero, he is definitely worth the time.

2. Sven(Rogue Knight)
    Sven is all about getting pumped up. His skills allow him to deal a lot of area of effect damage to several targets at once. Storm Bolt is a powerful damage spell, which stuns both the target and all surrounding units for several seconds, allowing Sven to catch up and deal with them. His Warcry ability helps, giving Sven and nearby allies a temporary movement speed and armor bonus so they can charge quickly and fearlessly. Sven's foes should be especially fearful of his powerful physical attacks. God's Strength pumps Sven's damage up to very high levels, and Cleave turns every attack into an area of effect strike. Although his gameplay is fairly straightforward, Sven should not be underestimated. The best course of action when faced with a fully pumped Sven is to run.

3. Magina(Anti-mage)

     Magina wasn't nicknamed the Anti-Mage for no reason. His passive Mana Break attack allows him to deal extra damage and cripple a caster's mana supply. With a great understanding of the spiritual realm, he becomes more resilient against magical attacks using his Spell Shield, along with the ability to Blink across short distances for superb maneuverability. Seeking out weary casters, he uses Mana Void to inflict immense damage for high amounts of missing mana. Although he will be at a natural disadvantage to casters early on, as his powers grow, there is none better suited for bringing the greatest of spell casters down to their knees.

4. Obsidian Destroyer(Harbringer)

     Among the small number of intelligence heroes who focus on getting a lot of powerful items late in the game, the Obsidian Destroyer relies on building up as much intelligence and mana as he possibly can. His deadly Arcane Orb enhances his attacks with large amounts of unresistable pure damage, and if his mana pool gets high enough the Obsidian Destroyer is capable of killing fragile enemies with only a few Arcane Orb attacks. Astral Prison is a useful ability, which can put a powerful enemy hero out of the fight or save an ally from death. In addition, it drains intelligence when cast on an enemy hero, and by repeatedly using this ability the Obsidian Destroyer can quickly reduce the enemies' mana pool, making it difficult for them to cast many spells. To keep both his own and his allies' mana pools full, the Obsidian Destroyer has a passive skill called Essence Aura. In addition to boosting the Destroyer's own mana pool, this aura gives any allied unit under its effect a chance to instantly regain a portion of their total mana pool every time they cast a spell. Essence Aura fuels Arcane Orb, giving the Destroyer potent damage with little risk of running dry. Although Arcane Orb and Astral Prison make the Destroyer deadly in small engagements, his powerful Sanity's Eclipse spell can turn the tide of large battles. An Obsidian Destroyer with a lot of intelligence items can kill or badly wound several enemy heroes at once with this spell. Few heroes are capable of putting out as much damage as a pumped up Obsidian Destroyer.

5. Lone Druid(Syllabear)
     The Lone Druid must command his trusted Spirit Bear with pinpoint and tactical orders just as well if not more so than his own actions. While the druid is fragile, his companion is the furthest thing from, and can keep him safe by being on a constant counter offensive. Becoming Rabid, they can gain a boost in their movement and attack speed, both useful for retreat and reentering a fight--a pattern the Lone Druid must master. The bear itself can equip items, and passively Entangle foes it attacks at times. The Druid can eventually metamorphose from his ranged, less durable state, into a melee, sturdier bear form.

6. Spectre(Mercurial)
     Mercurial is able to Desolate opponents for pure damage if she catches them alone, and Disperses damage intake, reflecting it in the area around her. She can hurl a Spectral Dagger at opponents, which will slow and damage enemies, as well as allow Spectre to pass through material objects and travel across any terrain. She should be feared as a constant presence, being able to Haunt images of herself upon all enemy heroes from any distance, and even reform her actual self into any one of those images to physically enter a fight.

7. Phantom Lancer(Azwraith)
     The Phantom Lancer causes chaos and confusion by creating weaker clones of himself. All of his abilities allow him to summon more illusions. His Spirit Lance deals damage and slows an enemy, while also spawning an image at the target. Doppelwalk renders the Lancer invisible, but an image is immediately created to hide the fact that he disappeared. Juxtapose grants a chance to summon an image whenever he attacks, while Phantom Edge grants images a chance to do the same along with providing him and his copies spell resistance. These illusions make Azwraith a fearsome enemy, and a devastating pusher.

8. Faceless Void(Darkterror)
     Darkterror is a master of time and space, often bending it to his will. He can Time Walk to jump forward small distances, causing the movement of enemies around his destination point to be slowed. He is also able to passively revert quickly to a past moment to avoid damage, and lock time on a target to bash them without missing a beat. Faceless Void can rip open a Chronosphere in space time to stop all units inside it, except for himself, to wreak havoc as he pleases. While he is initially weak, you should never underestimate a hero with great damage potential that also has the ability to stop time. Never.

9. Butcher(Pudge)
    Pudge the Butcher is one of the most difficult heroes to play effectively, but also one of the most rewarding. His Meat Hook skill is extremely deadly, but also difficult to utilize. A well placed Meat Hook will snag an enemy hero and drag them to the Butcher, dealing a lot of damage along the way. Once the target has been hooked, Pudge uses his other two active skills to finish them off. Rot is a toggled damage over time skill which affects all nearby enemies and also Pudge himself. Pudge must be careful when using this skill. Although it does a lot of damage it can quickly drain his life and make him easy prey for enemies. To stop his target from escaping or fighting back, Pudge can use his Dismember ability. This short range skill deals even more damage and completely immobilizes the target. When used in succession, these three skills make Pudge a dangerous assassin, although he may not look like it. To aid his risky gameplay, Pudge has a passive skill called Flesh Heap. Flesh Heap provides some magic resistance which reduces the damage he takes from rot, and gives him a minor permanent bonus to his strength every time he kills a unit.

10. Prophet(Furion)
     Furion the Prophet is an unusual intelligence hero. His only damaging spell is his ultimate, and it is more effective when cast far from enemies to allow it to build in damage. Instead, Furion relies on his physical attack and his allies to take down enemy heroes. He is also a great sieger with his summoned Treants. Furion's main advantage is his amazing mobility. Using Teleportation, he can quickly be anywhere on the battlefield practically at will. A Prophet with good map awareness can be an invaluable help to his allies, since he can potentially be in any battle anywhere on the map. Using Sprout, he can trap enemy heroes and finish them off with his strong physical attack and allied help. After dealing with any resistance, he can summon an army of Treants and quickly destroy enemy towers and buildings before they have a chance to retaliate. Furion's final spell, Nature's Wrath, can be used to soften up targets across the map and give him a lot of gold from dying enemy creeps. For combating Furion and also playing him, map awareness is key.

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